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Monthly Archives: June 2014

8th Grade – Book Recommendation – Vodka Politics

Russia is famous for its vodka, and its culture of extreme intoxication. But just as vodka is central to the lives of many Russians, it is also central to understanding Russian history and politics.
In Vodka Politics, Mark Lawrence Schrad argues that debilitating societal alcoholism is not hard-wired into Russians’ genetic code, but rather their autocratic … Continue reading »

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Sistine Chapel – Monday

I won’t be in school on Monday but for the 7th graders working on their Sistine Chapel paintings you may wish to either print out these pictures in color or save them onto your phone so you can use them in class.

function zbpShare(url) {
var sharer = ‘’+url;, ‘sharer’, ‘width=626,height=436’);
return … Continue reading »

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Weekly Plan – June 2nd to June 6th


5th Grade
This week students will be continuing their study of the War of Independence
Wednesday – Prisoners of War – Short Essay
Thursday – African-American Soldiers
Friday – Women at War
Students will have one piece of homework about the roles of women during the war due for Monday of next week.  They will have about 20 minutes in … Continue reading »

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