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Weekly Plan – May 1st to May 5th

Posted by on May 1, 2017

3rd Grade

This week students will continue their work on their booklet on the Great Plains.  They should have their rough draft finished by Thursday and will start on their final version on Friday.

Tuesday – Great Plains Booklet – Rough Draft Day

Thursday – Great Plains Booklet – Rough Draft Day

Friday – Great Plains Booklet – Final Version Day

The main goal for the next week is to get students really thinking about how to place both words and writing on their work to make the best use of the available space.  There is no homework but students can continue looking for appropriate images in the areas of farming, mining, and food processing if they wish.


5th Grade

This week students will continue revisions on their Spanish Armada projects.

Tuesday – Spanish Armada – Effective Summarizing

Thursday – Spanish Armada – Consistency in Themes

Friday – Spanish Armada – Project Day

Students need to really understand/use two main strategies for this project.  The first is to effectively research and make notes which they can then use later on their projects in a streamlined manner.  Currently students are writing far too much which actually gets in the way of completing their tasks.  They are also not really developing a consistent theme when it comes to creating titles or other visual clues which help to guide people around their work.  There is no homework this week but students can find additional images of the Spanish Armada for their posters if they wish.


6th Grade

This week students will being a research paper project on voting in the United States.

Monday – Project/Skills Introduction

Wednesday – Research Day

Friday – Research Day

Students will be creating an informative paper which answers the following questions:

1 – What is the voting age in the United States/California?

2 – What rules are there for people running for President, Senator, and the House of Representatives?

3 – What rules are there for people running for state offices?

4 – What rules does California have for in and around voting places?

5 – What different ways can people vote?


I showed students in class today how they can use PowerPoint or other presentation software to make reports in a much easier way than a program like Word which makes it rather more difficult to include text boxes, images, or graphics.  In particular I would like students to practice incorporating the following items into their papers to help them stand out while being more informative/entertaining:


1 – Background theme images

2 – Alternating but consistent styles of text

3 – Framing and/or annotating images


If students have their own laptops with PowerPoint it would be advantageous to bring them in.  However if they don’t then they can use the Chromebooks with google’s own presentation software.

7th Grade

This week students will begin their study on the Early Middle Ages.  This unit will be slightly different as the students themselves are going to take the lead in preparing visual/oral presentations to help inform their classes about the following topics:

  • European Geography
  • Missionaries & Monks
  • The Franks
  • The Vikings
  • The Feudal & Manor Systems
  • The Norman Conquest
  • Towns and Trade

Students will be asked to create a PowerPoint presentation which will be posted online for their fellow students to review at home.  There will also be a traditional poster to be used in class.  The key to this project is for students to realize that what they create for one project can be used for the other and that they should use their email accounts to send each other materials/ideas.  The basic schedule is as follows:

Week 1 – Research and instruction in how to create appealing PowerPoint presentations.

Week 2 – Students should have their presentations finished by the end of the week.

Week 3 – Students will be presenting and sharing information in class.

Week 4 – Students will be working on a information book project on the Middle Ages aimed at a younger audience (3-4th grade level).


If students have laptops they should bring them into class.  If not, I will get hold of some Chromebooks to help them work/research.


A reminder as well that the essay on the fall of the Western Roman Empire is due on Thursday before 8:00 PM


8th Grade

This week students will be continuing their projects on the history of the 1950s and 1960s/Tom Lehrer Songs.


I am currently in the process of recording the last of the backing tracks and should have the last of them up by Wednesday.  We will begin recording next week with the groups whose tracks have been up the longest going first.

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