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Weekly Plan – September 5th to September 8th

Posted by on September 5, 2017

5th Grade


Students will be continue their study of the Age of Exploration by working on their projects about the technologies which made it possible.


Monday – Labor Day.

Wednesday – Technologies – Project Day

Thursday – Technologies – Project Day

Friday – Technologies – Project Day


Students will be working on their projects in class over the week.  Among the skills we will be covering/practicing are:


  • Planning and drafting text & illustration.
  • Using and framing printed images.
  • Summarizing.
  • Creating and using themes.


Students were told that they could research images over the weekend.  They can also, if they wish, type out text to use on their projects.


6th Grade


This week the 6th graders will be looking at the key differences between democratic and dictatorial forms of government.


Monday – Labor Day

Wednesday – Democratic and Dictatorial Governments – Reading

Thursday – Democratic and Dictatorial Governments – Project Day

Friday – Democratic and Dictatorial Governments – Project Day


Students should remember to have their homework about different forms of government completed by Wednesday.


7th Grade


This week students will continue their study of ancient Egypt.


Monday – Labor Day

Tuesday – The History of Egypt – Middle to New Kingdoms

Wednesday – The History of Egypt – Middle to New Kingdoms

Friday – The History of Egypt – Research & Project Day


Students will be creating a large timeline on the history of Egypt over the next week.  Students can research printed images to complete this project.  I’ll also be showing them how they can use PowerPoint, Youtube, and Video Editors to create a more interactive presentation.  They can bring in their computers on Friday if they wish.


8th Grade


Students will continue their study of the Prohibition era this week.


Monday – Labor Day

Tuesday – The Impact of Prohibition

Wednesday – Society in the 1920s

Friday – The Jazz Age


On Friday we will begin planning for the first essay of the year.  The question students will be answering is:


“In what senses could a person describe 1920s America as a paradoxical society”?

This question requires students to look at the major economic, social, and political forces which shaped the nation during the decade.  This essay is relatively simple in structure and is really designed to simply get students back up to speed and to remind them of the important writing conventions we already covered at the end of 7th grade.  To help plan, students should consider the following sub-questions:


  • What differences existed in the nation between inhabitants of different areas?
  • What differences existed in the nation between people of different ages and sexes?
  • How had technologies affected people’s lives?


Students will be planning and writing the essay in class next week so should remember to bring their computers with them the following monday.

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