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Weekly Plan – September 11th to 15th

Posted by on September 10, 2017

5th Grade


Students will be continue their study of the Age of Exploration by learning about the travels of Marco Polo


Monday – The Travels of Marco Polo – Reading Day.

Wednesday – Marco Polo – Project Day

Thursday – Marco Polo – Project Day

Friday – Marco Polo – Project Day


Students will be working on a map and poster on the travels and experiences of Marco Polo.  This will be their first pair work project and will be focusing on developing the following skills:


  • Dividing/delegating work and other tasks within a small group.
  • Creating maps showing routes and other important features.
  • Organizing and arranging events chronologically.
  • Researching and using relevant images.


6th Grade


This week the 6th graders will be looking at two important developments in constitutional government; Magna Carta and Enlightened Despotism.


Monday – Magna Carta – Reading

Wednesday – Magna Carta – In Class Timed Project

Thursday – Enlightened Despotism – Reading

Friday – Enlightened Despotism – Project Day


Students should have their projects on Democratic and Dictatorial systems of government completed by the start of class on Wednesday.  They will be completing a short in-class assessment on Wednesday designed to teach them how to plan/execute work in a limited time frame.  They will be receiving a more extensive work on the key goals of enlightened despots on Thursday with a class to work on it on Friday.  The final version will be due on Monday of next week.


7th Grade


This week students will continue their study of ancient Egypt.


Monday – The History of Egypt – Project Work Day

Tuesday – The History of Egypt – Project Work Day

Wednesday – The First Intermediate Period – Primary Source Analysis

Friday – Egyptian Religion


Students should have their history of Egypt timelines  completed by the start of class on Friday.  They will be working on another project starting Friday on Egyptian religion


8th Grade


Students will conclude their study of the 1920s this week and begin looking at the twin topics of the Great Depression and New Deal eras.


Monday – The Roaring 20s – Essay Writing Day

Tuesday – The Economic Boom of the 1920s

Wednesday – The Wall Street Crash & Great Depression

Friday – The Election of 1932


Students will have until Friday to complete their first essay on the following question:


“In what senses could a person describe 1920s America as a paradoxical society”?


The next essay will be based on both the Great Depression and New Deal with the question being;


“In what ways did the programs of the New Deal attempt to deal with the causes and consequences of the Great Depression”

The key to this essay is for students to recognize the difference between long and short term causes/consequences.  If they simply try to write a list of problems and government programs then the essay will be very repetitive.  As they read through the materials they should try to keep an organizer which differentiates between the New Deal programs which were designed to deal with immediate consequences vs those which attempted to make systematic/structural changes to the wider economy and society.


In the conclusion to this essay I will be asking students to independently research statistics to prove the efficacy of certain New Deal programs.  Among the things students can look are are:


  • The unemployment rate.
  • GDP
  • Birth and death rates.
  • Poverty rates

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