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Weekly Plan – September 18th to 22nd

Posted by on September 17, 2017

5th Grade


Students will be continue their study of the Age of Exploration by learning about the travels of Marco Polo


Monday – The Travels of Marco Polo – Project Day

Wednesday – The Travels of Marco Polo – Project Day

Thursday – The Travels of Marco Polo – Project Day

Friday – Spirit Day


Students will continuing working on a map and poster on the travels and experiences of Marco Polo.  This will be their first pair work project and will be focusing on developing the following skills:


  • Dividing/delegating work and other tasks within a small group.
  • Creating maps showing routes and other important features.
  • Organizing and arranging events chronologically.
  • Researching and using relevant images.


Over the past few classes we have focused on the map section of the task which students are doing relatively well.  Towards the end of the week we will be looking at placing information/images in a logical and clear way.


6th Grade


This week the 6th graders will be looking at two important developments in constitutional government; Magna Carta and Enlightened Despotism.


Monday – Despotism in France

Wednesday – Despotism in France

Thursday – Despotism in France – Essay Writing

Friday – Spirit Day



This week, students will be looking at how the rulers of France implemented the ideas of enlightened despotism within their own nation.  This will be the basis for their first essay of the year in which they will be answering the question:


“In what ways, and with what success, did French rulers create a system of enlightened despotism in their nation?”

The structure of this essay is not complex but will require students to be judicious in their use of examples.  The basic plan will be :


Introduction : Students describe France during the Middle Ages.

Body Paragraphs : Students discuss examples of French rulers attempting to implement the ideas of enlightened despotism.

Conclusion : Students reveal the relative success of French rulers.


7th Grade


This week students will continue their study of ancient Egypt by working on their projects on Egyptian Religion


Monday – Egyptian Religion – Project Work Day

Tuesday – Egyptian Religion – Project Work Day

Wednesday – Egyptian Religion – Project Work Day

Friday – Spirit Day


Their group project on Egyptian religion will take up this weeks classes and we will also probably go into the subsequent week as students are, to this point, producing excellent work which deserves more time to bring to its full potential.  A few reminders for students for this project:


  • Images can be used from the internet but make sure not to use too many.
  • You can include QR codes for any videos you find online which are relevant.
  • The poster pages are arranged like a large window.  Think how you can use this reveal effect and what spaces will require more space.
  • Remember to look up Egyptian religious symbols or other objects to add depth/interest to your work.


8th Grade


Students will conclude their study of the 1920s this week and begin looking at the twin topics of the Great Depression and New Deal eras.


Monday – The Great Depression & New Deal – Essay Research & Planning Day

Tuesday – The Great Depression & New Deal – Essay Writing Day

Wednesday – The Great Depression & New Deal – Essay Writing Day

Friday – Spirit Day


As a reminder, the current essay will be based on both the Great Depression and New Deal with the question being;


“In what ways did the programs of the New Deal attempt to deal with the causes and consequences of the Great Depression”


The key to this essay is for students to recognize the difference between long and short term causes/consequences.  If they simply try to write a list of problems and government programs then the essay will be very repetitive.  As they read through the materials they should try to keep an organizer which differentiates between the New Deal programs which were designed to deal with immediate consequences vs those which attempted to make systematic/structural changes to the wider economy and society.


In the conclusion to this essay I will be asking students to independently research statistics to prove the efficacy of certain New Deal programs.  Among the things students can look are are:


  • The unemployment rate.
  • GDP
  • Birth and death rates.
  • Poverty rates

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