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Weekly Plan – September 25th to September 29th

Posted by on September 25, 2017

5th Grade


Students will be continue their project about the travels of Marco Polo.


Monday – The Travels of Marco Polo – Project Day

Wednesday – The Travels of Marco Polo – Project Day

Thursday – The Travels of Marco Polo – Project Day

Friday – The Travels of Marco Polo – Project Day



In the previous week students worked on creating their own maps using grids and other measurement tools.  This week they will be learning how to add additional details such as geographical features, cities, lakes, and rivers.  We will then look at how they can begin organizing and arranging the information they already have about the life and travels of Marco Polo.  If students are working on parts of the project at home you should remember that:


  • Events should be placed in chronological order – the order in which they took place.
  • You do not need to write out large paragraphs of text to get to the main point of what happened.
  • You should use some kind of color or highlighting to make important names, places, or dates stand out.



6th Grade


This week the 6th graders will be working on their essay on the subject of enlightened despotism in France .


Monday – Despotism in France – Essay Planning

Wednesday – Despotism in France – Essay Drafting

Thursday – Despotism in France – Essay Review

Friday – Despotism in France – Essay Writing


The question students will be answer is :


“In what ways, and with what success, did French rulers create a system of enlightened despotism in their nation?”


As a reminder, the basic plan is along these lines:


Introduction : Students describe France during the Middle Ages.

Body Paragraphs : Students discuss examples of French rulers attempting to implement the ideas of enlightened despotism.

Conclusion : Students reveal the relative success of French rulers.


I am not looking for students to write about each of the three French rulers they have studied about in turn.  Instead they should, in all things, focus on the five major goals of enlightened despots:


  • Decreasing the power of nobles while increasing their own.
  • Increasing the collection of taxes.
  • Creating a bureaucracy loyal to the ruler.
  • Creating a professional army.
  • Imposing religious uniformity.


Rather than writing five separate paragraphs, I have told students that they need to begin thinking about which of these goals go naturally together.


  • Decreasing the power of nobles + Creating a bureaucracy : These go together because one is directly related to the other.  As kings worked to find ways to decrease the powers of their nobles, they gave many of their powers to newly hired bureaucrats.


  • Increasing the collection of taxes + Creating a professional army : One of the major expenditures for French kings was the military which was also then used to impose greater royal control over the nation.  Students should also remember that tax money was also used to pay for the growing bureaucracy.


  • Imposing religious uniformity : This goal is more of a standalone topic as it is not directly related to the others.  However, students could point out that the imposition of such uniformity did require the use of the army and other government organizations.


I will be typing up some example paragraphs in class to show students the thought processes that go into :


  • Creating a short but succinct introduction which provides adequate background without going into too much detail.


  • Creating linking sentences both within and between paragraphs to transition between different topics.


  • Writing short, but concise conclusions which avoid repetition and personal opinion.


7th Grade


This week students will continue working on their projects on Egyptian Religion


Monday – Egyptian Religion – Project Work Day

Tuesday – Egyptian Religion – Project Work Day

Wednesday – Egyptian Religion – Project Work Day

Friday – Egyptian Religion – Project Work Day


The final version of the project will be due on Friday at the end of class.  A few reminders from last week :


  • Images can be used from the internet but make sure not to use too many.
  • You can include QR codes for any videos you find online which are relevant.
  • The poster pages are arranged like a large window.  Think how you can use this reveal effect and what spaces will require more space.
  • Remember to look up Egyptian religious symbols or other objects to add depth/interest to your work.


8th Grade


Students will conclude their study of the 1920s this week and begin looking at the twin topics of the Great Depression and New Deal eras.


Monday – The Great Depression & New Deal – Essay Drafting Day

Tuesday – The Great Depression & New Deal – Essay Writing Day

Wednesday – The Suffrage Movement – DBQ

Friday – The Suffrage Movement – DBQ


As a reminder, the current essay on the New Deal (please see last week’s plan for more details) will be due on Friday by 8 PM.

On Wednesday we will begin work on a special DBQ on the Suffrage movement.  This will involve students working for several weeks on a narrow but in-depth topic.  Activities which we will be doing over the next few weeks include :


  • Primary Source Analysis : Senica Falls Declaration / Pro & Anti Suffrage Pamphlets.
  • Open quiz/discussion sessions : Students will be expected to debate issues around the suffrage movement based on their own historical knowledge.
  • Statistical Interpretation : Students will be presented with data sets to be graphed and/or interpreted.
  • Report Creation : Students will be shown how to create an illustrated report using different software.


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