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Weekly Plan – November 6th to November 10th

Posted by on November 6, 2017

5th Grade


Students will be continuing their project on the circumnavigation of Ferdinand Magellan.  They have already finished marking their poster papers to help them draft their maps.  We will continue this over the next few classes before students begin working on identifying the information they will put on their under sheet.


Monday – Ferdinand Magellan – Map Drafting

Wednesday – Ferdinand Magellan – Map Drafting

Thursday – Ferdinand Magellan – Under Information Sheet Prep

Friday – Ferdinand Magellan – Under Information Sheet – Work Day


6th Grade


This week the 6th graders will conclude working on their timelines on despotism in England and then begin looking at the events of the French Revolution.


Monday – Despotism in England – Project Day

Wednesday – Despotism in England – Project Day

Thursday – The French Revolution – The Three Estates

Friday – The French Revolution – Reading & Note Taking


Students should make sure to have their despotism in England timelines completed by the start of class on Friday.  They should not stick any of their pages together as we will have time to do this in class.  On Thursday we will begin our study of the French revolution.  Students will have an organizer on the Three Estates which should be completed for Monday of next week.  We will then review the information they need to complete their next project:




Students will be working on creating a 5-10 minutes poem on the story/history of the French revolution in the style of Roald Dahl’s Revolting Rhymes.  Students will be given an additional information sheet to help them write the poem as well as come up with choreography for a performance.


7th Grade


This week students will conclude working on their Egyptian building projects.


Monday – The Decline of Ancient Egypt

Tuesday – The Decline of Ancient Egypt – Work Day

Wednesday – Egyptian Buildings – Project Work Day

Friday – Egyptian Buildings – Project Work Day


On Tuesday at the end of class I will be presenting students with options for the next unit.  I do not know which one they will select yet but they will have a choice between the following topics:


  • Ancient Greece
  • Ancient India
  • Ancient China


8th Grade


Monday – Nazi Party policies – Essay Planning

Tuesday – Nazi Party policies – Essay Planning

Wednesday – Nazi Party policies – Essay Draft

Friday – Nazi Party policies – Essay Writing Day


Students will continue working on their essays on the rise/policies of Nazi Germany.  The essay question will be:


“I what ways did the Nazi Party implement the key ideas of Fascism in Germany between 1933 and 1939?”


Students will be writing the essay this week in class with a 45 minute time limit.  They will be allowed to use a planning sheet which we will work on over the next few classes.

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