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Weekly Plan – November 13th to November 17th”

Posted by on November 13, 2017

5th Grade



Monday – Ferdinand Magellan – Under Information Sheet Prep

Wednesday – Ferdinand Magellan – Under Information Sheet Prep

Thursday – Ferdinand Magellan – Project Day

Friday – Ferdinand Magellan – Project Day


Students will be continuing their project on the circumnavigation of Ferdinand Magellan.  Most groups have finished their maps and we will be going on to work on their information sheets.  This involves students working on the following sub-projects:

1 – Researching the voyage and identifying 7-9 key events which cannot be shown on the map.

2 – Working out how much space each event will need and then lightly marking that on the map.

3 – Creating a rough draft of the information and then placing it on the poster in the correct location using pins to mark through the map to the sheet below.


6th Grade


This week the 6th graders will continue working on their project on the French Revolution.


Monday – The French Revolution – Reading & Note Taking

Wednesday – The French Revolution – Project Instructions & Practice

Thursday – The French Revolution – Student Work Day

Friday – The French Revolution – Student Work Day


Students have been given an instruction sheet for creating a poem/performance piece on the French revolution in the style of Roald Dahl’s Revolting Rhymes.  We will finish going through the basic materials early in the week and we will then create a list of events/vocab words to help students construct draft their poems.


7th Grade


This week students will continue working on their materials for Ancient Greece.


Monday – Ancient Greece – Test

Tuesday – Ancient Greece – Level 2 Project Day

Wednesday – Ancient Greece – Level 2 Project Day

Friday – Ancient Greece – Group Meeting & Project Discussion


Last week, students selected Ancient Greece as their next area of study with different groups selecting different projects.  They should remember to have their maps and vocab sheets ready for Monday when we will also do a short unit test.  On Tuesday and Wednesday they will be completing their level 2 projects before handing them in on Friday.  On that day their groups will also have a short meeting to begin discussing possible group projects which they can begin working on over the break if necessary.


8th Grade


Monday – World War 2 – Synopsis

Tuesday – The Holocaust & Rwanda Genocide – Reading

Wednesday – The Holocaust & Rwanda Genocide – Reading

Friday – The Holocaust & Rwanda Genocide – Organizer Preparation


On Monday I’ll be giving students a brief lecture to give them an overview of the course of World War Two up to the end of the war in Europe.  If they wish to gain a slightly more in depth knowledge there are several video series available on Youtube, including World War Two in Color.


On Tuesday, students will begin studying the Holocaust and Rwandan Genocides.  This is in preparation for an essay which will ask them to compare and contrast the two events.  The essay question itself is a basic one:


“What similarities and differences existed between the Holocaust and Rwandan Genocides?”

The essay asks students to focus on the following sub-topics:

  • Long and short-term prejudices and hostility.
  • Dehumanization.
  • Methods of Killing.
  • Motivations of Perpetrators.
  • Efforts to maintain secrecy.
  • The Geopolitical situation at the time.
  • Involvement of civilians.
  • Elements of sadism/cruelty.

I will also be showing students how to incorporate short quotes in their work.


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