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Weekly Plan – November 27th to December 1st

Posted by on November 27, 2017

5th Grade



Monday – Ferdinand Magellan – Project Day

Wednesday – Ferdinand Magellan – Project Day

Thursday – Ferdinand Magellan – Project Day

Friday – Ferdinand Magellan – Project Day



This week, students will be completing their projects on Ferdinand Magellan by placing in their information and then completing their maps by adding additional details.


6th Grade


This week the 6th graders will continue working on their project on the French Revolution.


Monday – The French Revolution – Poem Review

Wednesday – The French Revolution – Poem Review

Thursday – The French Revolution – Poem Review

Friday – The French Revolution – Poem Review


Students will have until the end of the week to have a rough draft of their poem finished.  We will be sharing excerpts from students’ work in class during the week and then working on revisions with the goal that students can have a finished version due early next week.


7th Grade


This week students will continue working on their materials for Ancient Greece.


Monday – Ancient Greece – Level 3 Project Day

Tuesday – Ancient Greece – Level 3 Project Day

Wednesday – Ancient Greece – Group Meeting & Project Discussion

Friday – Ancient Greece – Group Project Work Day


Students will have until Friday to complete their level 3 project.  They will then begin work in their groups on their large project which we should finish by the Christmas break.


8th Grade


Monday – The Holocaust & Rwanda Genocide – Reading & Note Review

Tuesday – The Holocaust & Rwanda Genocide – Incorporating Quotations

Wednesday – The Holocaust & Rwanda Genocide – Essay Planning Day

Friday – The Holocaust & Rwanda Genocide – Essay Writing Day


As a reminder, the question students will be answering is:

“What similarities and differences existed between the Holocaust and Rwandan Genocides?”

The essay asks students to focus on the following sub-topics:

  • Long and short-term prejudices and hostility.
  • Dehumanization.
  • Methods of Killing.
  • Motivations of Perpetrators.
  • Efforts to maintain secrecy.
  • The Geopolitical situation at the time.
  • Involvement of civilians.
  • Elements of sadism/cruelty.


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