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French Revolution Poem – Materials, Example, & Instructions

Posted by on December 9, 2017

A quick reminder for the poetry assignment.


We will be working on the project in class next week but I’ve produced the following materials to help give students some additional assistance and ideas:


Materials – Download Link



If students read the instructions they will see that they can use up to 6 of the sections which I already wrote and then compose their own to fill in the gaps.  There is no penalty for doing this though I would still encourage students, if they feel able, to try to compose most of the work themselves.  Once students had in the work we will then work as a class to create a single version taking sections from multiple students to use in a performance/video.




  • The last word of each line of a couplet needs to rhyme.
  • Lines should have 8 syllables each : Once written it may be possible to slightly shorten or extend this but 8 is what students should be aiming for.
  • Lines within each couplet should follow the same rhythm.
  • Lines and rhymes should make sense.  Don’t just pick a word because it rhymes and go with it.


Students can use this website to help count syllables and find rhyming words.

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