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7th Grade

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During the 7th grade students will study world history in the following units:

1 – Prehistory

2 – Mesopotamia

3 – Egypt

4 – Greece

5 – China

6 – Japan

7 – Ancient Rome

8 – The Roman Empire

9 – The Middle Ages

10 – The Renaissance & Scientific Revolution

11 – The Reformation & Enlightenment

Students will learn how each civilization or movement has contributed to the modern world today while developing their artistic, geographical, presentation, and writing skills in preparation for 8th Grade U.S. History.

For each unit I have (or will) upload a complete slideshow as well as YouTube playlist so students can review lessons at home or catch up with any missing work.

There are also a large number of extra-credit and extra-curricular materials for students (and hopefully parents) to enjoy that will enhance your knowledge and skills.