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Charles Dickens

96h07/fion/3340/exp1576 English novelist Charles Dickens wrote many works during the  19th century, a time when England was undergoing many changes due to the Industrial Revolution.  Many of these works deal with the impacts of these changes on the ways that people thought and lived depending on their positions in society.

The books below are some of Dickens’ better known creations.  Among my personal favorites are:

Oliver Twist – The story of a young orphan forced into the workhouses where he is cruelly mistreated before fleeing to London where he falls in with a gang of thieves led by the devious Fagan and brutal Bill Sykes.

A Christmas Carol – The story of Ebeneezer Scrooge, a wealthy but miserly businessman who is visited by three spirits in an attempt to get him to change his ways.

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Many of Dickens’ works have been adapted into film.  Below are some full movies and audiobooks for you to enjoy.  If you go to YouTube you can find many more yourself.

Oliver Twist – BBC Adaptation

Oliver Twist – Musical Version

A Tale of Two Cities

Great Expectations

David Copperfield

Hard Times

A Christmas Carol – Audiobook