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Before Harry Potter the best selling fantasy books in the world were the Discworld series by Terry Pratchett.  Set on a flat disc on the back of a giant turtle these books mix fantasy with a hefty does of dark humor. Think of them like Harry Potter written by a person hooked up to about 1000 volts of electricity.

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The best books in the series (in my opinion) are:

The Hogfather – The Discworld’s version of Christmas is threatened by an assassin trying to kill
the Hogfather (their version of Santa Claus)

Small Gods – The Omnians think the world is round and will kill anyone who disagrees. Things get complicated when their great god Om starts speaking to one lowly priest telling him that it’s really flat.

Going Postal – The postal system of the city of Ankh Morpork is in trouble to the tune of about 20 million undelivered letters and the last postmaster has been murdered. Fortunately the ruler of the city has a plan involving a man about to be hanged for stealing a lot of money.

Making Money – The city of Ankh Morpork needs money but its coins now have about as much gold in them as the cities river has fish (this is a river you can walk across). One man has the answer but will people trust money you can use as toilet paper?



Several Discworld books have been adapted into live-action versions. You can watch them below.

Going Postal – iTunes Link

There are also several animated versions.

Wyrd Sisters

Soul Music

You can also get the books/audiobooks on iTunes.